Each other

In a world in which people carry their precious things everywhere and sometimes give them to a washing store, A young boy lost one of his precious things, but He cannot live without it anymore.

L’un l’autre
Ceux que nous avons perdus nous cherchent toute notre vie
Leurs empreintes se trouvent partout à travers la vie
On ne se croisera à nouveau  que par un nouveau chemin ou dans un nouveau monde
Director & Producer: Sarah Tabibzadeh.
Writer: Nader Rezaeeyan.
Executive Producers: Dr.Neda heidari , Dr.Mohammadreza Khoddami.
Editor: Bahram Emrani
Composer: Peyman Yazdanian.
Sound Designer: Ensieh Maleki.
 2D & 3D Digital Animation, Iran.
World Sales & Distribution: The GlobeCSF.
SPECIAL PRIZE FOR ANIMATION TECHNOLOGY- 11th Tehran International Animation Festival – 2019 – Iran
SPECIAL INTERNATIONAL JURY AWARD – 36th Tehran International Short Film Festival – 2019 – Iran
BEST SHORT FILM PRIZE – 11th FEMCINE International Film Festival – 2021 – Chile
7th Tripoli Film Festival – Best Animation
Official Selection:
37th Fadjr International Film Festival – 2019 – Iran
10th ANIMAGE International Animation Festival – 2019 – Brazil
25th Canberra Short Film Festival – 2020 – Australia
17th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival – 2020 – Bulgaria – Oscar Qualifying
20th Nevada City Film Festival – 2020 – US
12th Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival – 2020 – US
20th Kerry International Film Festival – 2020 – UK – BAFTA Qualifying
12th SPARK Animation Festival – 2020 – UK – Oscar Qualifying
21st Stockholm International Film Festival Junior – 2021 – Sweden
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